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Life, Disability & Critical Illness Insurance

Our goal is to make your financial plan self completing.

We believe that your retirement plan should stay on track regardless of what life throws at you.

Our core insurance services are listed below:

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Term & Whole Life

Protect Your Loved Ones

The most common purpose of life insurance is to ensure your family’s lifestyle is not altered if you unexpectedly pass away by providing a tax-free, lump sum of money.

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Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Prepare for the Unexpected

Protect Income & Savings

Critical illness (CI) insurance provides a tax-free, lump sum of money to you 30 days after being diagnosed with one of the covered conditions. The big three are cancer, heart attack and stroke.

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Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance

Protect Your Income

Disability Insurance and Rates

Disability insurance helps protect your most valuable asset, your ability to earn income. If you become disabled, and cannot work, your income is supplemented by disability insurance.

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Our Philosophy

There are three reasons why families do not achieve the goals they envision…

elderyly couple - living too long insurance concept

Living Too Long

Outliving retirement savings due to poor investment returns.

dying too soon insurance concept

Dying Too Soon

Leaving loved ones with a financial burden

disability insurance concept

Sick / Disability

Loss of Income, forced to liquidate savings or incur debt.

To keep your goals on track you need a financial plan that covers both the offence and the defence.


Our Offering

The Offence

A sound investment strategy that builds your wealth over time. For help managing your investments, visit Stewart Financial.

The Defence

A portfolio of insurance protection to make sure your offence stays on track, giving you peace of mind.


Our Process

  1. Contact us through the website
  2. Hop on a call to discuss your situation
  3. Let us go to work and find the best rates and coverage for you
  4. Complete the application over the phone or in person

It’s that simple. Everything can be done over the phone or in person.  




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