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David Miklas - Life Insurance Advisor in Greater Toronto Area

Stewart Financial is a boutique financial planning and investment firm based in Oakville, Ontario. Part of what we do is provide families in Toronto and the GTA with complete life insurance, critical illness insurance and disability insurance solutions.

Toronto Based Life Insurance Advisor

An Engineer with an MBA…

When I tell people this they look perplexed and say, “yet you sell insurance?”

“It’s what I enjoy doing,” I reply.

Let me tell you why.

I started working at Stewart Financial, a boutique financial planning and investment firm, in March of 2016. A few months later I went to a week-long insurance program that was solely about having meaningful conversations with people to uncover their insurance needs.

That’s when it clicked.

A retired insurance advisor spoke with passion about how important our jobs really are, and how much of a difference we can make. We are the only professionals who can ensure that someone who is going through emotional despair due to an illness, disability or death won’t be burdened financially. That’s powerful to me.